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Since 1982, the Independent Karate Schools of America has been an association of Independent instructors from traditional stylists to more recently developed systems united together for education, information, safety, and protection of one's martial arts freedom and rights. Those who stand alone, teaching at their own clubs or Masters of their own systems need not feel like rebels. The IKSA offers seminars and workshops, black belt rank advancement, instructor’s certificate which includes the authority to issue rank on behalf of IKSA, international recognition of your rank, exposure to different styles of martial arts, newsletter, and internet exposure for your organization.

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20th Annual IKSA Friends of the Arts Seminar Featuring Dr. Jerry Beasley

IKSA Charter Members AND Professor Dr. Jerry Beasley will be featured at the IKSA National Training Seminar which will be held September 26/27, 2014 in Brentwood, TN. The event will have classes for children and adults. Several IKSA instructors will be teaching such as Grandmaster Floyd Burk, Master Danny Chapman, Master Bernie Fritz, Master Jimmy Smith, Master Doug Welsh, Master William Essex, Sensei Jason Chase, Sensei Matthew Stonerock. The guest instructor is noted martial artist and author Dr. Jerry Beasley.

Dr. Beasley, a student of the late Grandmaster Joe Lewis, will be teaching several sessions on various components of JKD.

For more information contact GM Chapman at 615-794-4330 or 5rebels@hughes.net.

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